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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  August 23, 2012 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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physically go after somebody in a postgame press conference. it's way too early for this. good morning. i'm willie geist. this is "way too early," the show that will be the keynote speaker next week in tampa at the insomniacs convention held at the residence inn. glad you're up with us watching on msnbc or listening live on sirius xm radio. e-mail me or tweet me @willie geist. let me know what you're doing up at this hour or do what president obama and m.j. do when together and text the word awake followed by your response to 622639. we'll read the best responses, of course, later in the show. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for this thursday, august 23rd. a lot to tell you about today, including a chill inducing audio recording just discovered in a tennessee attic of a young martin luther king discussing the legacy he hopes he'll leave
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in the civil rights struggle. we'll listen to that. a burglar picks the wrong celebrity home to break into. wesly cat burglar meet l.l. cool jay. details on the ladies love legend later in the show. the news live at 5:30 in new york city, we begin with a sobering report on the economy. and what might happen if congress fails by the end of the year to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff over which tax cuts would expire and deep spending cuts would take effect. the noncongressional budget office warned about the consequences of financial tightening forecasting the u.s. economy would shrink by half a percent in 2013, unemployment jump back above 9% and could cost americans as many as 2 million jobs next year alone. cbo's forecast is gloomier than what it predicted three months ago and then reported that 2012 would be the fourth straight year with a deficit of more than $1 trillion. yesterday, mitt romney called
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the cbo report unacceptable and used the opening to turn the conversation back on the economy. >> when you look at all of the debt of the country it's about the size of our entire economy. this puts us on a path to become like europe. what's happening over there is that people have spent more than they have taken in year after year after year, borrowed more and more money, made promises they couldn't fulfill, and finally something which had to end did end. and what happened there was that the government had to pull back with severe austerity programs and people in government and the private sector lost their jobs. 25% unemployment rate. 25% in spain. think of that. these are the kinds of circumstances that could arrive here if we stay on the path we're on. >> white house press secretary jay carney responded to the cbo report blaming congressional republicans saying in part they're willing to hold the middle class hostage unless we
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also give massive new tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires tax cuts that we can't afford to would do nothing to strengthen the economy. america's middle class is shrinking and facing its worst decade in modern history according to the pew research center. median household incomes dropped from $73ed this in 2001 to $69,000 in 2010. median household net worth, the numbers even more stark, dropping from almost $130,000 down to $93,000 in the same decade. study also finds there's a lot less money going into the middle. in the 1970s the middle class held 62% of the country's total income wealthy americans had 29%. those numbers have now shifted with 45% being held by the middle class and 46% in the upper income class. the middle class getting more pessimistic about the future. 43% now believe their children will have a better life than their own.
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that number was 51% only four years ago. yesterday on the campaign trail, both vice presidential candidates catered their message to the middle class voter. vice president joe biden campaigning in michigan a. >> my dad used to say the measure of a man or woman wasn't how they got knocked down, but how quickly they got up. detroit's getting back up. detroit's getting back up. these aren't -- these aren't bad guys. they don't get it. they don't get what happens on the street. they don't get what happens in the neighborhoods. they don't get what happens when people don't have these jobs. republican obstructionism has slowed our progress. but it has not stopped it. in spite of them, in spite of governor's romney's insistence that we, quote, let detroit go bankrupt, we rescued the automobile industry.
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>> joe biden said the other day that middle class is in the midst of a recovery. president obama said that the private sector is doing just fine. this is the obama imaginary recovery. >> well, despite their efforts to focus squarely on jobs in the economy todd akin of missouri forced republicans into a national conversation about the hot button social issues of abortion and rape. yesterday paul ryan said he would follow mitt romney's lead on the issue of abortion. >> proud of my record, mitt romney is going to be the president. the president sets policy. his policy is exceptions for rape, incest, life of the mother. i'm comfortable with it because it's a good step in the right direction. >> congressman ryan was pressed to explain the meaning behind the term forcible rape which appeared in legislation that he cosponsored. with a group of other republicans. >> you sponsored legislation that has the language forcible rape. what is forcible rape? >> rape is rape. rape is rape period, end of
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story. >> so that forcible rape language meant nothing to you at the time? >> rape is rape. and there's no splitting hairs over rape. >> the bill in question known as the no taxpayer funding for abortion act which was cosponsored by paul ryan and we should point out 225 other members of the house in 2011, it eventually died in the senate. a former navy s.e.a.l. set to publish a book about his experience on the team that killed osama bin laden last year. the book's author who wrote under a sued nim says he wants to set the record straight about what the raid was like and tell the story of the people involved to inspire a new generation of s.e.a.l.s. officials were surprised to learn about the book, say it has not been vetted by the defense department which reviewing writing by members of the military to insure classified information is removed. comes on the heels of a video that involves officers who criticized the obama administration for leaking information on the bin laden raid for political gain. a never before heard
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interview with dr. martin luther king, jr. discovered stowed away in an attic in chattanooga, tennessee. the reel to reel audio recording dates to december 21st, 1960, and features a 31-year-old dr. king discussing the struggle for civil rights. >> i am convinced that when the history books are written in future years, historians will have to record this movement as one of the greatest epics of our heritage. i think the movement represents struggle on the highest level of dignity and discipline. no one of goodwill can disagree with the ends of the sit-in movement, the end to break down all barriers between people on the basis of race, color. >> that's a 31-year-old martin luther king, jr. in 1960. the interview is conducted by an
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insurance salesman writing an unpublished book on racism. the tapes will be up for a private sale later this month. still ahead on "way too early," after his team is swept by the chicago white sox, the yankees manager joe girardi pauses from his press conference to confront a heckler. went after the guy. this story ends and get the night's highlights in sports. the latest on the path of tropical storm isaac sweeping across the caribbean as we speak. how big will it be when it lites florida and creeps toward the republican national convention. the forecast when "way too early" comes right back. pete rose out of the game, left arguing the call today. >> i did not bet on baseball. too much respect for the game. too much love for the game. >> baseball commissioner bart
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coming up on 5:42 in the morning, a live picture of a dark new york city. back inside the studio three counties in northern california under a state of emergency as massive wildfires continue to sweep across that part of the country. as nbc's miguel almaguer reminds us this has been a devastating summer of fires. >> reporter: exploding across forest land, moving toward homes, northern california's ponderosa fire blew up. >> it's coming up hot and hard. >> reporter: firefighters scrambled. 50 structures have been destroyed, 240 more are threatened. with help from a steady air attack and an aggressive push on the ground. crews have contained half this blaze. flare-ups forced firefighters to
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retreat. >> this fire continues to make runs. crews are worried the next one will be into a neighborhood. the mountain town of mineral was placed under voluntary evacuations. at this christian camp ground most of the 200 people are seniors. >> if you do have to leave we want you to be able to do it and get out safely. >> reporter: dangerous and deadly, this wildfire season is also historic. in new mexico, the largest in state history. in colorado, the most destructive. 12 firefighters have died this season. the west, under siege. a fire season for the record books. >> nbc's miguel almaguer reporting there. with the emergency declaration california's governor now has freed up more state resources to battle the wildfires. for more on the wildfires there and the latest on tropical storm isaac, let's bring in bill karins. bill. >> good morning, willie. this map behind me hasn't changed much since yesterday. if anything shifted a little bit just to the west but not a lot
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considering it's five days out. it still looks like florida will have to deal with isaac as we go throughout sunday night, monday and all day tuesday. let me give you a closer view now of the end of the forecast cone. remember, the cone of uncertainty is the storm could be anywhere in the yellow. that's like the margin of error. the center line the most likely predicted path of right now. the hurricane center thinks possibly a category 1 storm. i still think the high end would be probably a cat 2 low end a tropical storm. and they're kind of hedging it in the middle there. it looks like it would be be closest to the keys come late sunday and travel to the north somewhere up around the tampa area, all the way over to apalachicola, panama city. all our computers for five days out, all the potential paths are really i mean this is an unusual for them to be this close together. that's why the path seems fairly certain. now the big question is what will the intensity of the storm be and the intensity forecasting is notoriously horrible five days in advance. that's why i don't put a lot of
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credence in it yet. the water temperatures, 89 to 85 degree water if it heads into the gulf not where you want the storms to go. like putting nitrous in your gas tank as you drive to work this morning. not good. as far as the forecast today, no problems whatsoever, very nice day around the country. a few storms down there in florida. but again, willie, the concern would be if that storm does get in the western gulf of mexico, that's not where you want to see storms because that's when they can grow and get huge in a hurry like katrina and rita. >> turns into a hurricane like tomorrow morning, is that right? >> possibly could. may not be a hurricane until it gets off to cuba four or five days from now. >> all right, bill. keep an eye on it for us. we turn to sports baseball the yankees trying to avoid a sweep against the al central leading white sox. derek jeter has been on fire in august. hitting over .400 in the sixth. goes deep. a solo home run. his third home run in three games. it's the first time he's ever done that believe it or not as a yankee. three in three games. that was really the only mistake be made by white sox pitcher
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chris sail. here are the highlights with help from white sox announcer hawk harrelson. >> and here's the payoff pitch. yes, he did. he gone. he gone. he gone. he gone. change-up. he gone. he gone. >> yes, he did, he gone. sail strikes 13 over 72/3 inning. white sox complete the sweep with a 2-1 win. after the game yankees manager joe girardi holding an impromptu press conference with reporters. in the background you can hear him being heckled by a white sox fan. here's how he handled it. >> yankees swept, yes! >> what made him so good tonight? >> what's made him good all year. >> hey, hey, hey. shut up. i'm doing an interview. hey. >> [ inaudible ]. >> beat me up.
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>> what he does all the time. >> he's got good stuff, a good fastball. real good breaking ball and change-up and he mixes and he's done it all year long. >> where was i? gets back into it. rangers and orioles huge night for rangers third baseman adrian beltre hitting three home runs. finished with five rbis on the three home runs. rangers route the orioles 12-3. texas now five games up on oakland in the al west. reds and phillies in the fourth. runners on the corner, jay bruce pops one to right field, todd frazier tagging from third. watch the arm from dominic brown. sizes it up. sets himself up. that ain't close. despite the phillies strong defense, reds did win this one 3 to 2. and melky cabrera going to have company on the suspension list. baseball handed down a 50 game suspension to former cy young award winner bartolo colon for testing positive for a
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performance enhancing drug. like cabrera, colon admitted his mistake in a statement apologizing to fans for his actions. the 39-year-old colon 10-9 with a 3.34 e.r.a. the a's currently in the hunt for the wild card in the american league. colon's teammates say they were shocked by the revelation, however the best response did not come from a player, but from the wife of oakland a's pitcher brandon mccarthy on her twitter feed amanda mccarthy posted this. hey, @mlb, exten minutes, a male enhancement drug is offering a two week free trial that i want to get my husband. that's cool with the ped rules, right? as i said, exclaims to promote, quote, natural male enhancement. having fun at the expense of her husband. coming up on "morning joe," new polls on the presidential campaign coming out right at 6:00 a.m. eastern time will give us another snapshot of what the battleground states look like, just over two months away now
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earlier in the show we told you the congressional budget office predicts a recession could be at the bottom of the fiscal cliff if congress does not act soon. if you want to sound smart today tell your friends if congress avoids that fiscal cliff with a plan that extends the bush tax cuts and prevents spending cuts the cbo estimates unemployment in the short term would likely stay around 8% and the economy would grow although at a sluggish 1.7%. by 2022 the debt would be enormous and represent about 90% of gdp. in 2002, just ten years ago the debt was 34% of gdp. all right. enough of the real news. huddle around the water cooler to see a woman in her 80s decide to try a little diy art
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restoration. do it yourself. for more than 120 years, this painting of christ adorned the wall of a church in a small village in northern spain. it was painted bay local artist whose descendents still live in the area. this photo the fresco was taken two years ago before the restoration. this is how it looked in july when it was featured in a catalog of religious art. see some of the paint has been removed and what officials suspect may have been the beginning of the woman's attempt to somehow clean and restore the image without permission. here is the final result. let's see christ. oh, my gosh. a completely unrecognizable image. thick layers of paint cover almost all the original detail. the church thought the painting had been vandalized. actually that was the restoration. official with the church says the 80-year-old had good intentions that, quote, clearly got out of hand. he called the end result disastro disastrous. art experts trying to assess the damage to see if that work can be salvaged.
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with the controversial surrounding congressman todd akin and his comments david letterman wanted to be sure the republican party is prepared for another member of the house should he find himself in hot water. >> we here at the republican national committee offer heartfelt apologies to the good people of -- >> name of state here. >> for the behavior of -- >> name of congress person here. >> we were appalled the congress person offended people who are -- >> gender sexual orientation race and religion here. >> with his -- naked frolicking or general grab here. >> this message from the republican national committee was paid for by -- >> blow hard casino tycoon or dirt bag multinational corporation here. >> i think the rnc will find that helpful. we like a news blooper now and again around here. we're going to send you to vancouver for this one. be sure bill karins and me will never be caught ka noodling. >> brought their girlfriends out to, you know, kanoodle or whatever. >> people kanoodle in union bay?
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>> they did in union bay. >> time now for a full look at your forecast. maybe we kankanoodle before you can get into it about -- >> we're not going to be kanoodling. what? >> i thought kanoodle meant chat. >> no. kanoodling doesn't mean chat. look that one up, sir. it's probably not great idea to break into the home of a giant muscle-bound rapper named l.l. cool jay. some of his song lyrics i'm going to knock you out, know what i'm saying. that's what happened when l.l. cool jay beat up an intruder don't know if he beat him up, he detained an intruder inside his los angeles area home. 44-year-old cool j jumped out of bed, went downstairs when he heard a ruckus and tackled the suspect until police arrived. ll is a big man. "l.a. times" says the man received a broeng nose and jaw.
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l.l. and his family untouched, unhurt. you picked the wrong house, my man. still ahead on "way too early," why are you awake? your tweets, texts and e-mails moments away. "morning joe" just moments away. there are a lot of warning lights and sounds vying for your attention. so we invented a warning you can feel. introducing the all-new cadillac xts. available with a patented safety alert seat. when there's danger you might not see, you're warned by a pulse in the seat. it's technology you won't find in a mercedes e-class. the all-new cadillac xts has arrived,
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top story on it's -- what is it nowadays, nbc it's wonderful. red tape for injured service members who can deploy. members of the military hope to retire with disability and benefits after they have to navigate through a bureaucratic system that can be very difficult to manage. by the way, all next week our special coverage of the republican national convention, starts with "way too early" we'll be live from our own "morning joe" elephant bar on channel side over there in tampa. coverage begins monday at 5:30 in the morning. in the area stop by. we'll have food i'm told, entertainment. what kind of entertainment will we have? dunk tanks, all kinds of good stuff. anyway, tower how about e-mails.


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